Question 5

5.1 The data shown below represents the Grade 10 Mathematical Literacy test percentages forlearners from Masiqinise Secondary School. 5.1.1 Arrange the values in ascending order. (2) 5.1.2 Refer to the data shown above and determine the median. (2) 5.1.3 Determine the mode of the data represented above. (2) 5.1.4 Show by calculation that the range … Read more

Question 3

3.1 Nosizwe wants to start up a business selling cupcakes which she will bake using hergrandmother’s recipe. Below is a list of ingredients needed to make 8 cupcakes.Study the information below to answer the questions. 3.1.1 Identify the recommended measuring instrument that will be suitable tomeasure water. (2) 3.1.2 How many milliliters of baking powder … Read more

Question 2

Mr. V. Manga is a homeowner and receives monthly account statements from themunicipality for rates and services. ANNEXURE A refers to the municipality accountstatement he received. Study the statement and answer the questions that follow. 2.1 State the name of the municipality that has issued the account statement. (2) 2.2 Write down the date on … Read more