Question 2

The letters A to H in the table below represent eight organic compounds. 2.1 Write down the LETTER that represents a compound that:2.1.1 Is a ketone (1) 2.1.2 Has the general formula CnH2n-2 (1) 2.1.3 Is an isomer of 2-methylbut-2-ene (1) 2.1.4 Has the same molecular formula as ethyl ethanoate (1) 2.2 Write down the:2.2.1 … Read more

Question 2

A man faces difficulty while swimming in a dam. During the rescue operation, an inflated tube attached to a helicopter by a rope is dropped from the helicopter.The man, of mass 70 kg, holds onto the inflated tube of mass 4 kg, while the helicopter is flying horizontally at a CONSTANT speed. An average frictional … Read more

Question 2

The letters A to H in the table below represent eight organic compounds. 2.1 Define the term unsaturated compound. (2) 2.2 Write down the:2.2.1 Letter that represents an UNSATURATED compound (1) 2.2.2 NAME of the functional group of compound C (1) 2.2.3 Letter that represents a CHAIN ISOMER of compound C (2) 2.2.4 IUPAC name … Read more

Question 10

10.1 The incomplete equations below show the four steps involved in the industrial preparation of sulphuric acid (H2SO4). A and B represent two compounds. Write down the NAME or FORMULA of:10.1.1 Compound A (1) 10.1.2 Compound B (1) 10.1.3 The catalyst used in Step II (1) The sulphuric acid formed in Step IV is used … Read more

Question 9

The diagrams below show two electrochemical cells in which carbon electrodes are used. In cell A, concentrated copper (II) chloride solution is used and in cell B, liquid aluminium oxide is used. 9.1 What type of electrochemical cell, ELECTROLYTIC or GALVANIC, is shownabove? Give a reason for the answer. (2) 9.2 Write down the:9.2.1 Half-reaction … Read more

Question 8

8.1 When a piece of sodium metal (Na) is added to water in a test tube, hydrogen gas is released. When phenolphthalein indicator is added to the test tube, the solution turns pink. 8.1.1 Define the term reduction in terms of electron transfer. (2) 8.1.2 Write down the reduction half-reaction. (2) 8.1.3 Write down the … Read more

Question 2

The letters A to F in the table below represent six organic compounds. 2.1 Write down the LETTER(S) that represent(s) the following: 2.1.1 A ketone (1) 2.1.2 TWO compounds that are FUNCTIONAL ISOMERS (1) 2.1.3 A hydrocarbon (1) 2.2 For compound D, write down the: 2.2.1 Homologous series to which it belongs (1) 2.2.2 IUPAC … Read more