Question 5

QUESTION 5: USING LANGUAGE CORRECTLY Read TEXT G, which contains some deliberate errors, and answer the set questions. TEXT G 5.1 Provide the function of the two dashes in line 1. (1) 5.2 Substitute ‘Hopefully’ (line 3) with a main clause that retains the meaning ofthe sentence. (1) 5.3 ‘More important, you’ve managed to survive … Read more

Question 3

SECTION C: LANGUAGE STRUCTURES AND CONVENTIONS QUESTION 3: ANALYSING ADVERTISING Study the advertisement (TEXT D) below and answer the set questions. TEXT D The text in small font reads as follows: QUESTIONS: TEXT D 3.1 Account for the use of the phrase, ‘SAVE THE SANDWICH’ in the headline. (2) 3.2 ‘Because many species are being … Read more

Question 1

SECTION A: COMPREHENSION QUESTION 1: READING FOR MEANING AND UNDERSTANDING Read TEXT A and TEXT B below and answer the questions set. TEXT A GLOSSARY:1 rhetoric: language used to influence the reader or audience2 cathartic: a psychological term used to refer to expressing one’s emotions to provide relief AND TEXT B QUESTIONS: TEXT A 1.1 … Read more