Question 5

Two experiments, I and II, are conducted to investigate one of the factors that affects the rate of the reaction of aluminium carbonate, Aℓ2(CO3)3, with EXCESS hydrochloric acid, HCℓ. The balanced equation for the reaction is: The apparatus used is shown below. The reaction conditions used for each experiment are as follows: Experiment I:100 cm3 … Read more

Question 3

Learners use compounds A, B and C to investigate one of the factors that influencesthe VAPOUR PRESSURE of organic compounds. 3.1 Define the term vapour pressure. (2) 3.2 Write down the independent variable for this investigation. (1) 3.3 Which compound, A or B, has the higher vapour pressure? (1) 3.4 Fully explain the answer to … Read more

Question 2

The letters A to F in the table below represent six organic compounds. 2.1 Write down the LETTER(S) that represent(s) the following: 2.1.1 A ketone (1) 2.1.2 TWO compounds that are FUNCTIONAL ISOMERS (1) 2.1.3 A hydrocarbon (1) 2.2 For compound D, write down the: 2.2.1 Homologous series to which it belongs (1) 2.2.2 IUPAC … Read more