Question 4

4.1 The flow diagram below shows the conversion of propane to propan-2-ol.

4.1.1 State ONE reaction condition for Step 1. (1)

4.1.2 Write down the NAME or FORMULA of the INORGANIC product
formed in Step 1. (1)

4.1.3 Name the TYPE of substitution reaction represented by Step 2. (1)

4.1.4 Write down the NAME or FORMULA of the INORGANIC reagent
needed in Step 2. (1)

4.1.5 Write down the IUPAC name of compound X. (2)

4.2 Ethane can be prepared from chloroethane (CH3CH2Cℓ) by a TWO-STEP process. You are supplied with the following chemicals:

Select chemicals in the table above that can be used for this preparation. Using CONDENSED structural formulae, write down a balanced equation for EACH reaction. Indicate the reaction conditions for EACH reaction. (8)

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