Question 10

10.1 The apparatus illustrated in the simplified diagram below is used to demonstrate the photoelectric effect. 10.1.1 Define the term photoelectric effect. (2) Incident light of frequency 1,2 x 1015 Hz is shone onto the metal plate and electrons are emitted.Calculate the:10.1.2 Number of photoelectrons emitted in one second if the totalenergy transferred by the … Read more

Question 8

In the circuit below a battery of UNKNOWN emf and an internal resistance of 0,5 Ω is connected to two resistors of 4 Ω and 8 Ω each, and a resistor R of unknown resistance.Ignore the resistance of the connecting wires. 8.1 The three external resistors are ohmic conductors.Explain the meaning of the term ohmic … Read more

Question 2

A man faces difficulty while swimming in a dam. During the rescue operation, an inflated tube attached to a helicopter by a rope is dropped from the helicopter.The man, of mass 70 kg, holds onto the inflated tube of mass 4 kg, while the helicopter is flying horizontally at a CONSTANT speed. An average frictional … Read more