Question 4

Use the graphs above to answer the following questions. 4.1.1 Show by calculation that one mile is equivalent to 1 760 yards. (2) 4.1.2 Determine the approximate distance (in miles) from the start of the San Francisco Marathon to where the height above sea level rises steeply for the first time. (2) 4.1.3 Calculate the … Read more

Question 2

Use the information above and ANNEXURE A to answer the following questions. 2.1.1 (a) Calculate the total amount spent by all tourists in 2012. (3) (b) Explain whether it is more appropriate to round off the rand value of the total amount spent in billions to one decimal place, rather than rounding off the rand … Read more

Question 5

5.1.1 Interpret China’s net migration rate. (2) 5.1.2 Calculate the difference between the projected population sizes of China and the USA at the end of 2015 based on their population growth. (5) Use the bar graph to answer the following questions. 5.2.1 Name the region that shows the greatest difference between the amount of crude … Read more