Question 5

5.1.1 Determine the missing value M. (2) 5.1.2 Determine the missing value N, if Sibiya and Magome received the same basic salary. (4) 5.1.3 Calculate the range for the total remuneration for 2013/2014. (2) 5.1.4 Write the ratio of the bonus amounts for Songelwa : Magome in the form (2) 5.1.5 Determine which executive member … Read more

Question 4

Use TABLE 2 to answer the following questions. 4.1.1 Explain why some data in the table is categorical. (2) 4.1.2 Write down the modal percentage usage for cellphone communication. (3) 4.1.3 Calculate the median percentage usage for Internet communication. (3) 4.1.4 Write down the total percentage of Internet usage in America. (2) 4.1.5 Determine the … Read more

Question 1

Use the table above to answer the following questions: 1.1.1 Determine the total number of guests they plan to invite to their wedding reception. (2) 1.1.2 Show how the catering cost was determined if the cost per person is R225,OO.(2) 1.1.3 Express the total reception cost as a percentage of the total budgeted amount.(2) 1.1.4 … Read more