Question 4

Use TABLE 2 to answer the following questions.

4.1.1 Explain why some data in the table is categorical. (2)

4.1.2 Write down the modal percentage usage for cellphone communication. (3)

4.1.3 Calculate the median percentage usage for Internet communication. (3)

4.1.4 Write down the total percentage of Internet usage in America. (2)

4.1.5 Determine the total percentage of the world population living in all of Asia.(3)
4.1.6 Two broken-line graphs representing some of the data in TABLE 2 have been drawn
on the grid on the ANSWER SHEET.

(a) Use the graphs to determine the percentage of the world population living in
Africa. (2)
(b) Draw another broken-line graph on the same grid to represent the percentage
cellphone usage for all the global regions on the ANSWER SHEET. (6)

4.1.7 Write down the global region that shows the greatest difference between the percentage
usage of Internet communication and the percentage usage of cellphone
communication. (2)

4.2 TABLE 3 below represents a global data snapshot of cellphone usage.
(A data snapshot is another form of representing data.) Some data has been omitted.

Use TABLE 3 to answer the following questions.

4.2.1 Determine the total number of people living in rural areas. (3)

4.2.2 Calculate the percentage of social network usage.

You may use the following formula:
Percentage social network usage
number of active social network users

total world population (2)

4.2.3 Write the number of cellphone users in number format. (2)


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