Question 3

3.1 Study the layout plan of a university lecture room in ANNEXURE B.

Use the layout plan to answer the following questions.

3.1.1 If Zahida is seated at G5, determine which exit will be closest to her. (2)

3.1.2 Will Aleia have direct access to a plug point if she is seated at BIOS?

Give a reason for your answer. (2)

3.1.3 Akua was seated at HI 13, but decided to move closer to the stage. He moved 5 rows forward and 4 seats to the right from where he was sitting originally. Give the row and number of his new seat. (2)

3.1.4 Determine the maximum number of people that can be seated in this
lecture room if all the seats are occupied. (4)

3.1.5 Name the seats in row A that can be converted to be suitable for
left-handed persons. (2)

3.1.6 Determine the probability that a person assigned to a randomly selected
seat will have direct access to a power outlet. (3)

3.2 ANNEXURE C shows the route map for the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge.
Study the map to answer the following questions.

3.2.1 Determine the number of times that a cyclist will have to cycle uphill
during this race.

3.2.2 The total distance of the race is 94,7 km. Calculate the distance between the THIRD LAST water point and the finish. (2)

3.2.3 Name the residential area that will be on the right-hand side of a cyclist standing at the starting point, ready to start the race. (2)
3.2.4 Name ALL the water points that are exactly 13 km from the previous (2)
water point. (3)


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