Question 1

1.1 The two graphs below show the relationship between two quantities. GRAPH A shows the
number of grass cutters and the time they take to cut the grass whereas GRAPH B shows the
amount of food required to feed a number of fish. Study the graphs to answer the questions

1.1.1 GRAPH A shows the proportion of grass cutters in relation to the time they
take to cut the grass. What type of proportion is shown by GRAPH A? (2)

1.1.2 According to GRAPH B the ratio of fish food to number of fish is 40 : 10.
Simplify the given ratio. (2)

1.1.3 What type of proportion is shown by GRAPH B? (2)

1.2 Austin is a Grade 9 learner at Masizakhe Secondary School and decides to sell black
pens to make some extra pocket money.

1.2.1 If the total cost for a pack of 12 pens is R42,00, how much does each pen
cost? (2)

1.2.2 He decides to sell each pen for R5,00. Calculate the percentage profit he will

You may use the following formula:


1.3 Mrs Bales has decided to buy a new stove to make her cooking and baking easier.
She shopped around and found a four-plate stove shown below.

1.3.1 Write down the cash price in words. (2)

1.3.2 Calculate the deposit needed if she decides to buy the stove on account. (2)

1.3.3 Calculate the total amount she will pay for the stove if bought on account. (3)


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