Question 3

3.1 Nosizwe wants to start up a business selling cupcakes which she will bake using her
grandmother’s recipe. Below is a list of ingredients needed to make 8 cupcakes.
Study the information below to answer the questions.

3.1.1 Identify the recommended measuring instrument that will be suitable to
measure water. (2)

3.1.2 How many milliliters of baking powder may be required to make 24
cupcakes? (3)

3.1.3 Nosizwe pre-heats the oven at 356 ℉. Convert the pre-heat temperature to
degrees Celsius (℃).

The following formula may be used:


3.2 She will need a tray to display or deliver her cupcakes to customers. Below is a tray
with the following dimensions that she will be using : length = 40 cm, width = 20 cm
and height = 6 cm.

You may use the following formulae:

3.2.1 Explain what the term perimeter means. (2)

3.2.2 Calculate the volume of the tray. (2)


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