Question 5

LANGUAGE AND EDITING SKILLS 5.1 Read the following passage (TEXT F), which contains some deliberate errors,and answer the set questions. 5.1.1 Rewrite the following sentence in the singular form:Animal activists in Port Elizabeth joined thousands around SouthAfrica to march against canned lion hunting. (2) 5.1.2 Correct the SINGLE error in each of the following sentences:(a) … Read more

Question 4

SECTION 4: ANALYSING A CARTOON 4.1 Refer to frame 1. 4.1.1 What visual clue does the cartoonist use to show that the father isthinking deeply about how Jeremy sees them? (1) 4.1.2 How do you know that the mother is listening attentively to the father? (1) 4.1.3 Choose the correct answer to complete the following … Read more

Question 3

SECTION C: ANALYSING AN ADVERTISEMENT 3.1 Whose attention is the advertiser hoping to attract in this advertisement? (1) 3.2 State TWO advertising techniques used by the advertiser to capture the attention of the reader. (2) 3.3 Why has the advertiser included the statistic, “500%” in the advertisement? (2) 3.4 Mention ONE item that can be … Read more

Question 2

SECTION B: SUMMARY You have been asked to write an article on HOW TO CREATE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE for your school magazine.Read TEXT C below and list SEVEN points that you will include in your article on HOW TO CREATE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. INSTRUCTIONS Your summary must be written in point form. List SEVEN points … Read more

Question 1

SECTION A: COMPREHENSION 1.1 Why did Linda Fellowes write a children’s book about rhino poaching? (2) 1.2 In what way is iThemba’s story far from fiction (line 6)? (2) 1.3 Refer to paragraph 2.Explain why the writer has included statistical information in this paragraph. (2) 1.4 Why do the Chinese attach so much value to … Read more