Question 3


3.1 Whose attention is the advertiser hoping to attract in this advertisement? (1)

3.2 State TWO advertising techniques used by the advertiser to capture the attention of the reader. (2)

3.3 Why has the advertiser included the statistic, “500%” in the advertisement? (2)

3.4 Mention ONE item that can be purchased at Cardies to support this cause. (1)

3.5 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:
NSPCA is an example of …
A an abbreviation.
B an acronym.
C a homonym.
D a synonym. (1)

3.6 Which clue in the contact details prove that the NSPCA operates in South Africa? (1)

3.7 Does the picture of the woman and the dog contribute to the message of the advertisement? Discuss your view. (2)

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