Question 4


4.1 Refer to frame 1.

4.1.1 What visual clue does the cartoonist use to show that the father is
thinking deeply about how Jeremy sees them? (1)

4.1.2 How do you know that the mother is listening attentively to the father? (1)

4.1.3 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:
The mother’s response shows that she is…
A surprised by the question.
B waiting for a response.
C eager to answer.
D opposed to the question. (1)

4.2 Refer to frame 2.

4.2.1 Explain why the father’s three fingers are raised. (2)

4.2.2 Why does the father have his index finger on his chin? (1)

4.3 Refer to frame 3. Identify the roles that the father and mother think they play in Jeremy’s life. (2)

4.4 Refer to the cartoon as a whole. Do you think that the roles Jeremy’s parents
have assigned themselves can be justified? Discuss your view. (2)

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