Question 11

11.1 The circuit below is used to determine the resistance of resistor X. The 12 V battery has negligible internal resistance. When switch S is closed,the reading on the ammeter is 0,5 A. 11.1.1 State Ohm’s law in words. (2) 11.1.2 Calculate the resistance of resistor X. (5) 11.2 Study the circuit below. The battery … Read more

Question 10

10.1 The arrangement of apparatus to demonstrate Faraday’s law ofelectromagnetic induction is shown below. 10.1.1 State Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction in words. (2) 10.1.2 State TWO ways in which the deflection on the galvanometer can beincreased. (2) 10.2 A coil with area 0,6 m2 is held with its axis coinciding with the direction of … Read more

Question 9

9.1 Two identical metal spheres, P and Q, separated by a distance d, aresuspended from an insulated rigid wooden bar, as shown in the diagrambelow. The charge on the spheres are –4 μC and +8 μC respectively. 9.1.1 Sphere Q experiences an electrostatic force. In which direction will sphere Q move? Write down only TO … Read more

Question 7

The diagram below shows a light ray travelling through an optical fibre. The fibre ismade from two different glass materials known as the core glass and the outercladding glass. These two types of glass materials have different refractive indices. 7.1 State the TWO conditions necessary for total internal reflection to occur. (4) 7.2 Which part … Read more

Question 6

The table below shows accurate values for the refractive indices (relative to air) ofsome optical media obtained during refraction experiments. The optical densities of themedia increase from water to diamond. 6.1 What important deduction about the relationship between a medium and itsrefractive index can be made from the information above?(2) 6.2 Define the term refraction.(2) … Read more

Question 3

A constant force, F, pulls a 50 kg block at a constant speed over a rough horizontalsurface, AB, as shown in the diagram below. The coefficient of kinetic friction (μk)between the block and the surface is 0,4. 3.1 Draw a labelled free-body diagram showing ALL the forces acting on theblock. (4) 3.2 State Newton’s first … Read more