Question 2

2.1 Study TABLE 2 below regarding the increase in the petrol price and answer the
questions that follow.


2.1.1 Write down the price of petrol on 7 March 2018. (2)

2.1.1 Calculate the percentage change in the price of petrol between 7 March and 4
April 2018. Use the formula below: (3)

2.2 Lerato sees that Vodolite has a new price plan for prepaid phones only, available until
30 November 2018. The rates applicable to this price plan are set out in TABLE 3 out
below. She likes the plan and decides to sign up.

Table 3

Use TABLE 3 above to answer the questions

2.2.1 During the month of November, Lerato sends one SMS per day to relatives.
Calculate how much this activity costs her in rands. (2)

2.2.2 Lerato spends 2 hours 30 minutes talking to her relatives during the month.
Calculate how much this costs her.
(Assume that there are 30 days in the month.) (4)

2.2.3 Calculate Lerato’s daily cellphone cost for calls in rands (2)

2.3 Mandy and Joshua work together on Market Day at their school. They split their profit
according to the ratio 2 : 3 respectively. They make a profit of R500.

Calculate the amount Mandy will receive. (2)

2.4 Lerato is planning to go on holiday in a minibus. She estimates that petrol will cost
her R800 to get to her destination.

The graph below outlines the relationship between the amount of money that Lerato
will have to pay for petrol, and the number of people travelling in the minibus.

Use the graph above to answer the questions

2.4.1 Determine how much it will cost Lerato if 4 people travel with her in the
minibus (2)

2.4.2 Determine the number of people travelling with her in the minibus, if Lerato
uses R400 for her petrol (2)

2.4.3 Calculate how much the petrol cost will be if 9 people travel in the minibus. (2)


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