Question 11

The threshold frequencies of caesium and potassium metals are given in the tablebelow. 11.1 Define the term work function in words. (2) 11.2 Which ONE of the two metals in the table has the higher work function?Give a reason for the answer by referring to the information in the table. (2) The simplified diagrams below … Read more

Question 10

The diagram below shows how the hydrosphere is linked to the biosphere. Study thediagram and answer the questions that follow. 10.1 Differentiate between the hydrosphere and biosphere. (2) 10.2 Write down the name of process: 10.2.1 A (1) 10.2.2 B (1) 10.2.3 C (1) 10.3 Describe the energy changes during processes A and B. Write … Read more