Question 2

Use the information in ANNEXURE B to answer the questions that follow. 2.1.1    Determine: (a) Missing value A (rounded off to a whole percentage) using the following formula: (b) The median of the percentage change for the period 2013 to 2015. (3) 2.1.2 Describe the trend in the imports of make-up and skincare products. (2) … Read more

Question 1

1.1 Use the information above to answer the questions that follow. 1.1.1 Calculate (rounded off to ONE decimal place) the percentage discount given on the bakkie’s selling price, excluding VAT. (3) 1.1.2  Show how the amount of RI 66 561,76 was calculated.  (3) 1.1.3  Give ONE reason why customers would prefer to install the accessories(extras), as … Read more