Question 2

Use the information in ANNEXURE B to answer the questions that follow.

2.1.1    Determine:

(a) Missing value A (rounded off to a whole percentage) using the following formula:

(b) The median of the percentage change for the period 2013 to 2015. (3)

2.1.2 Describe the trend in the imports of make-up and skincare products. (2)

2.1.3 The negative value of the percentage change does not necessarily imply that the import value of the products decreased continuously over the three-year period.

Name TWO different products in TABLE 1 and explain how they support the statement above. (4)

2.1.4 State, with a reason, whether the data in TABLE 1 can be represented using a single pie chart. (2)

2.1.5 A line graph showing the % share of 2015 imports for the first eight products in TABLE 1 has been
drawn on the ANSWER SHEET.

On the same grid, draw another line graph representing the percentage change for the period 2013 to 2015 for the same eight products. (6)


2.2.1 Calculate the missing value B. (3)

2.2.2 Calculate (rounded off to the nearest mile) the maximum distance for which a person
can use the UberX taxi if you pay the minimum upfront fare. (4)

2.2.3 Nomsa travelled a distance of 29,73 miles with UberBLACK. The post-trip fare
option Was used and the trip took 1 hour and 9 minutes to complete.

Nomsa stated that she would have saved more than $20,00 if she had used the
upfront fare option.

Show, with calculations, whether her statement is correct. (8)

2.2.4 Explain the importance of a cancellation fee for the Uber service provider. (2)


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