Question 10

The diagram below shows how the hydrosphere is linked to the biosphere. Study thediagram and answer the questions that follow. 10.1 Differentiate between the hydrosphere and biosphere. (2) 10.2 Write down the name of process: 10.2.1 A (1) 10.2.2 B (1) 10.2.3 C (1) 10.3 Describe the energy changes during processes A and B. Write … Read more

Question 8

Learners investigate how the type of substance affects electrical conductivity of thesubstance. They conduct three experiments using three different substances under thesame conditions, as shown in the table below. 8.1 Define the term electrolyte. (2) 8.2 For the investigation, write down the: 8.2.1 Investigative question (2) 8.2.2 Dependent variable (1) 8.2.3 Independent variable (1) 8.2.4 … Read more