Question 1

1.1 Decoform furniture factory shop is having a birthday sale. Mr Dlamini wants to buy
a TV plasma unit to the value of R499,00 using the cash option. All prices are value
added tax (VAT) inclusive

Study the payment options in TABLE 1 below and answer the questions that follow.


1.1.1 Write down the cash price. (2)

1.1.2 Calculate the total cost price for the TV plasma unit (cash option) (2)

1.1.3 Determine the original price of the TV plasma unit before VAT was added.
Give your final answer to the nearest whole number. (3)

1.1.4 Calculate the deposit amount for the lay-bye option. (2)

1.1.5 Write down the length size of the television plasma unit in metres. (2)

1.2 Explain the term discrete data. (2)

1.3 The numeric scale for a kitchen plan is given as 1 : 100.
Explain what the scale 1 : 100 means. (2)


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