Question 3

3.1 Lerato invites her relatives to spend a weekend at her home. She decides to make
pancakes for breakfast. The following recipe serves 10 persons. Lerato would like to
serve 15 persons. Use the information in the recipe to answer the questions.

3.1.1 Write down, in the simplest form, the number of people the recipe serves as a
ratio to the number of people Lerato would like to serve. (2)

3.1.2 How much salt and water does Lerato need to make pancakes for 15 people? (2)

3.1.3 Determine the amount (in grams) of cake flour Lerato will need to make
pancakes for 15 people. (2)

3.2 Allison is feeling creative. She is going to divide a patch of ground into a sandpit for
her children to play in, and a flower bed which will look pretty. The patch of ground
is 6,5 m wide and 4,5 m long from front to back.

She needs to fence the whole area off to prevent the dogs from digging it up. She will
leave a 40 cm border on all sides
. Calculate in metres length of fencing she needs to
enclose the entire perimeter. You may use the following formula:

Perimeter = 2 Γ— π‘™π‘’π‘›π‘”π‘‘β„Ž + 2 Γ— π‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘Žπ‘‘π‘‘β„Ž (4)

3.3 Study the thermometer below and answer the questions.

3.3.1 If a patient’s temperature reading is 32 ΒΊC, write down what you estimate that
the temperature will be in degrees Fahrenheit. (2)

3.3.2 Show your accuracy by using the following formula to calculate the exact
temperature. Round off the final answer to the nearest whole number



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