Question 3

3.1 Study the map below of Fraser River Area from Haney to the Mouth and  answer the questions that follow:  3.1.1 Determine the number of sediment monitoring stations from the map. (2)  3.1.2 Write down the type of monitoring station named Marion (Jacobs)  Lake. (2)  3.1.3 Identify the sediment monitoring station that lies between Main … Read more

Question 2

2.1.1 Write down the length and the width of Nonine’s garden in feet. (2) 2.1.2 Calculate the area of Nonine’s vegetable garden. Give your answer in  square metres. You may use the formula: Area of a rectangle = length x breadth (4) 2.1.3 Calculate the amount of the fertiliser needed for the corn area in the  … Read more

Question 1

1.1 Sandra paid cash for the service of her car at Bennie’s Service station.  Study the information in the ANNEXURE to answer the questions that follow:  1.1.1 Name the Franchise Dealer that serviced Sandra’s car. (2) 1.1.2 Calculate the value of A, the amount charged for the labour. (2) 1.1.3 Show, with calculations, that the … Read more