Question 5

5.1 Read the following passage (TEXT F), which contains some deliberate errors,and answer the set questions. TEXT F 5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in each of the following sentences: (a) When Suleman Bux opened his heart and grocery store to thefamily of a struggling student, he had no idea the young manwould go on to … Read more

Question 4

TEXT E 4.1 Refer to FRAME 1. 4.1.1 How do you know that Calvin will most probably not eat all his food? (1) 4.1.2 Write the contraction ‘what’s’ out in full. (1) 4.2 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence: A ‘vegetarian’ as mentioned in FRAME 2, is a person who … A … Read more

Question 3

Study the advertisement (TEXT D) and answer the set questions. TEXT D 3.1 What type of service is being advertised? (1) 3.2 To whom does this advertisement appeal? (1) 3.3 Identify the slogan used in the advertisement. (1) 3.4 State ONE way in which one can get access to the emergency assistanceapplication. (1) 3.5 What … Read more

Question 2

A group of learners, who are nervous about flying, are going overseas to attend a youthconference. You have been overseas before, so you have been asked to meet withthem and give them a few tips on flying. Read TEXT C below and list SEVEN points that you will include in your talk entitled,TIPS FOR NERVOUS … Read more

Question 1

Read BOTH TEXT A and TEXT B and answer the set questions. TEXT A 1.1 What do those people who come to see Emma have in common? State TWOpoints. (2) 1.2 Selfies,Sexts and Smart phones: Teenager’s Online Survival Guide. State whythese words are written in italics. (1) 1.3 ‘Emma Sadleir, the country’s leading social media … Read more