Question 5

5.1 Read the following passage (TEXT F), which contains some deliberate errors,
and answer the set questions.


5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in each of the following sentences:

(a) When Suleman Bux opened his heart and grocery store to the
family of a struggling student, he had no idea the young man
would go on to become one of South Africas top jurists. (1)

(b) His generosity remained imprinted on newly appointed deputy
chief justice Raymond Zondo’s memory for 40 years. (1)

(c) For three years Bux, then a grocer, provided Zondo’s mother
with monthly grocerys without expecting a cent in return. (1)

(d) ‘I hoped I had chose the right person to assist’, said Bux. (1)

5.1.2 Rewrite the following sentence in the past tense.

The businessman refuses to accept money from Zondo. (1)

5.1.3 Rewrite the following sentence in reported speech:

Bux said, ‘I have helped Zondo, so it is up to him to do the same for
somebody else.’ (4)

5.1.4 Refer to the following sentence:

St Mary’s Seminar, which Zondo attended, provided quality
education. (1)

5.1.5 Rewrite the following sentence and correct the underlined word.

Zondo studied at a school which produced many success people. (1)

Write out the underlined abbreviation in full.

5.1.6 Rewrite the following sentence as a tag question:

Zondo said that he was eagerly awaiting a reunion with Mr Bux, …? (1)

5.1.7 Rewrite the following sentence in the passive voice.

Mr Bux made no formal agreement about repaying the money. (1)

5.1.8 Rewrite the following sentence in the plural form.

An arrangement will be made for us to meet soon. (1)

5.2 Study the text (TEXT G) below and answer the set questions.


5.2.1 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:

Relate bracelets are handmade and sold to make a difference and
change the lives of people who need it most.

The part of speech of the underlined word is an example of …

A an indefinite article.
B a definite article.
C a verb.
D an adjective. (1)

5.2.2 Choose the correct answer from the options between brackets.

Whenever you buy and wear a Relate bracelet, your contributions will
(rich/reach) those people it is meant for. (1)

5.2.3 Rewrite the following sentence in question form:

Each person has the responsibility to be an agent of social change. (2)

5.2.4 Rewrite the following sentence and provide ONE word for the
underlined words.

Our bracelet makers, from the elderly to the township young people,
earn an income. (1)

5.2.5 Give the correct degree of comparison in the following sentence:

Our bracelet makers create the (beautiful) designs. (1)



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