Question 11

11.1 Define the term potential difference. (2) 11.2 In the electric circuit given below, the ammeter and connecting wires have negligible resistance and the battery have no internal resistance. 11.2.1 Calculate the total resistance of the circuit. (3) 11.2.2 Calculate the amount of charge that flows through the 6 Ω in 40 seconds if the … Read more

Question 8

8.1 Electromagnetic radiation has a wave-particle duality. What does this mean? (2) 8.2 Arrange the following types of electromagnetic radiations in order of decreasing wavelength. Infrared, gamma ray, visible light, x-ray (2) 8.3 Define a photon. (2) An electromagnetic wave has a wavelength of 2,5 x 10-9 m. 8.4 Calculate the amount of energy that … Read more