Question 4

The velocity time graph below represents the motion of a girl riding her bicycle in an
easterly direction on a straight, level road.

4.1 Write down the:

4.1.1 Girl’s initial velocity (2)

4.1.2 Magnitude of the girl’s velocity at t = 300 s (2)

4.2 Use the information from the graph to describe the girl’s motion:

4.2.1 From B to C (2)

4.2.2 From C to D (2)

4.3 Without using equations of motion, calculate EACH of the following:

4.3.1 Distance covered by the girl from A to C (4)

4.3.2 Acceleration of the girl from D to E (4)

4.4 Give a reason using information from the graph why it can be concluded that
the acceleration of the girl is HIGHEST during the interval D to E. (2)


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