Question 3

A van is travelling at a constant speed of 54 km.h-1 in a straight and level road
where the speed limit is 40 km.h-1.

3.1 Define the term acceleration. (2)

3.2 Convert 54 km.h-1 to m.s-1. (3)

A policeman starts his car from rest just as the van passes him. The police car
accelerates uniformly at 2 m.s-2 until it reaches a maximum velocity of 20 m.s-1.

3.3 Calculate the time t it takes the police car to reach its maximum velocity. (4)

3.4 Determine by calculation which vehicle (the van or the police car) is ahead
at time t seconds (mentioned in QUESTION 3.3 above).

Assume that the van maintains its constant speed. (6)


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