Question 4

Use TABLE 2 to answer the questions that follow.

4.1.1 Determine the difference between the highest and lowest land-speed records that were set between 1950 and 2000. (3)

4.1.2 Determine the number of riders that set new land-speed records from 1930 to 2010. (2)

4.1.3 Identify the TWO years during which the land-speed record remained unbroken for the longest time AND also state the number of years the record remained unbroken. (3)

4.1.4 Name the rider that held the land-speed record the most number of times AND also state how many times this rider held the record. (3)

4.1.5 Determine the probability (as a percentage) of randomly selecting a landspeed record in TABLE 2 that was set during the 21 century. (3)

Use TABLE 3 to answer the questions that follow.

4.2.I State why the data for the number of children is regarded as discrete data. (2)

42.2 Identify the age group where the majority of children did not attend any educational institution. (2)

4.2.3 Give the year during which the age group 16 to 18 showed the best attendance. (2)

4.2.4  Determine the missing value A (2)

4.2.5 Determine the missing value B, if the total number of children in that age group was 9 281 000 in 2008. (3)

4.2.6 Draw a broken line graph on ANSWER SHEET 2 to represent the percentage of children in the age group 16 to 18 not attending any educational institution from 2002 to 2009. (5)


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