Question 3

Use ANNEXURE B to answer the questions that follow

3.1.1 Determine the total number of seats available in the middle block. (3)

3.1.2 Give the compass direction from seat E12 towards the stage. (2)

3.1.3 Rahim is seated exactly in the middle of a row in the middle block. The row he is seated in has an odd number of seats and is furthest from the stage.

Name the row and seat number where he is seated. (3)

3.1.4 Mali is seated at D14. She decides to go to the refreshment stand which is directly east of the lighting box.

Give the directions for the route from her seat to the refreshment stand. (4)

3.1.5 Determine the probability of randomly choosing a spectator to join the band on the stage if 871% of all the seats in the arena are occupied. (3)

3.1.6 It is predicted that it is most unlikely that it will rain on the night of the performance. Choose ONE of the values below that best describes this probability:

3.2 ANNEXURE C shows the assembly diagrams for a floor lamp. Use ANNEXURE C to answer the questions that follow

3.2.1 Refer to DIAGRAM 4.

(a) Must the nut be screwed or unscrewed? (2)

(b) Give the direction in which the nut should be turned. (2)

3.2.2 How many screws are needed to assemble the lamp shade? (2)

3.2.3 Which diagram is associated with the instruction: ‘Join the stand to the base.’? (2)

3.2.4 The total height of the floor lamp in the picture is 62 mm.

Determine the actual height (in m) of the floor lamp if the scale of the diagram is 1: 30. (3)


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