Question 5

Use ANNEXURE D to answer the questions that follow.

5.1 Identify the country that has the strongest currency in comparison to the rand. (2)

5.2 Calculate the price in rand that you will pay for a 2 C cola in the United States of America. (2)

5.3     Determine the missing values:

5.3.1  A (2)

5.3.2  B, the value of ONE Indian rupee in rand (2)

5.4  Determine the simplified ratio of the Singapore price of a Big Mac Burger to a 2 C cola. (3)

5.5  Identify the TWO countries that have almost similar purchasing power. (2)

5.6 Define the term median. (2)

5.7 Use the prices in rand for a Big Mac Burger to do the following:

5.7.1 Arrange the data in descending order (2)

5.7.2 Calculate the mean price (3)


TOTAL: 150

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