Question 11

The following diagram is the representation of the water cycle and the processesinvolved. 11.1 Of which sphere in the earth’s system is the water cycle a part of? (1) 11.2 Briefly describe the process of precipitation. (2) 11.3 Process A takes places place in living plants. Name process A. (1) 11.4 Write down ONE advantage … Read more

Question 8

8.1 Consider the diagram below that shows liquid water evaporating to form water vapour. Use chemical formulae to represent the process in the diagram above and indicate the phases of the substance undergoing this process. (2) 8.2 Give THREE separation methods that can be used to reverse a physical change. (3) 8.3 Two Grade 10 … Read more

Question 7

Study the illustrations of the diagrams below and answer the questions which follow. 7.1 Define the term compound. (2) 7.2 Choose from the different diagram illustrations above ONE that best describes each of the following substances. Write down the letter only. 7.2.1 Diamond (1) 7.2.2 Carbon dioxide (1) 7.2.3 Helium (1) 7.2.4 Magnesium (1) 7.2.5 … Read more