Question 7

Study the illustrations of the diagrams below and answer the questions which follow.

7.1 Define the term compound. (2)

7.2 Choose from the different diagram illustrations above ONE that best describes each
of the following substances. Write down the letter only.

7.2.1 Diamond (1)

7.2.2 Carbon dioxide (1)

7.2.3 Helium (1)

7.2.4 Magnesium (1)

7.2.5 Sodium chloride (1)

7.2.6 Graphite (1)

7.3 Name the type of bond that exists between the particles of a diamond. (1)

7.4 From the above illustrations, write down the LETTER(S) of those that represent the
following chemical structures:

7.4.1 Ionic structure (1)

7.4.2 Covalent network structure (2)

7.5 Consider the illustration of substances from the diagram on page 11 and
write down the LETTER(S) that represent:

7.5.1 The illustration(s) with an empirical formula of C (2)

7.5.2 The illustration of the only substance found in atomic form of ambient
condition (1)

7.5.3 The illustration that can be used as a cutting tool because of its strength (1)

7.6 Differentiate between molecular structure and giant molecular structure. (2)


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