Question 5

Study the following table of elements with the first ionisation energy values in
kJ.mol-1 and answer the questions that follow.

5.1 Define the term ionisation energy. (2)

5.2 A certain element in the table above is in group II of the periodic table.

5.2.1 Write down:

(a) The CHEMICAL NAME of this element (1)

(b) The NAME of the group to which this element belongs (1)

(c) The chemical symbol of an element with the same number of
electrons as Be2+ (1)

5.2.2 Explain the difference in first ionisation energy of this element with
that of lithium. (2)

5.3 Refer to the elements of period II of the periodic table in the table above.

How does the electronegativity of these elements change across a period in
the periodic table?

Write down INCREASE, DECREASE or UNCHANGED. Explain your answer. (2)


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