Question 4

4.1 The learners enjoy the bus ride every morning when going to school provided by the Department of Transport (Scholar Transport). Study the diagram showing the seating arrangement inside the school bus.


4.1.1 Calculate the number of passenger seats displayed inside the bus. (2)

4.1.2 On the first day the learners were given tickets in order to get to the bus. Nandi came late carrying a ticket B14. Give Nandi directions to get to her seat as she enters the door. (3)

4.1.3 Soso left his books in the fourth row on the western side of the seat (next to the window). Identify the seat number where Soso’s books are. (2)

4.2 Use the map in ANNEXURE B to answer the questions that follow.

4.2.1 Identify the type of map displayed in ANNEXURE B. (2)

4.2.2 Calculate the distance between Polokwane and Hammanskraal. (2)

4.2.3 One road will let you pass through the most number of toll plazas symbols (T) between Johannesburg and Beitbridge. Name the road and the number of toll gates. (2)

4.2.4 Give the compass direction to Centurion from Devon. (2)

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