Question 4

Use ANNEXURE C to answer the questions that follow.

4.1.1 Give the general direction from Upington to Springbok. (2)

4.1.2 Write down the name of the national park close to Kamieskroon. (2)

4.1.3 Name TWO towns the runners will pass through on their way to Springbok, following the N14. (3)

4.1.4 Identify the type of scale used on the map. (2)

4.1.5 Use the given scale to determine the actual distance (to the nearest km) between Upington and Springbok. (4)

Use ANNEXURE C to answer the questions that follow.

4.2.1 Name the road by which they will enter Springbok. (2)

4.2.2 Joe gives them the following directions to his home:

  • Enter Springbok from Upington.
  • Turn right into Uitspan Street.
  • Turn left into Lukhof Street.
  • Turn left into the first street.

Use the directions above to determine in which street Joe lives. (2)

4.2.3 Name of the lodge near the parkrun. (2)

4.2.4 The distance from Joe’s house to the parkrun is 2,34 km. They travel at an average speed of 40 km/h

Determine how long it will take them (in minutes) to get from Joe’s house to the parkrun. (2)

You may use the following formula:

4.2.5 29 of the 42 athletes who participated in the parkrun were female.

Determine the probability of randomly selecting a male athlete from this group. (2)


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