Question 3

3.1.1 Determine the total height of the cylindrical cake in millimetres. (3)

3.1.2 The base (bottom) layer of the cylindrical cake has a radius of 14 cm.

(a) Determine the diameter of the base layer in cm. (2)

(b) Calculate the volume (in cm3) of the base layer.

You may use the following formula:

3.1.3 Define the term perimeter. (2)

3.1.4 Calculate the area (in cm2) of the base of the pan needed to bake the top layer of the rectangular cake.

You may use the following formula:

Area = length X width (2)

3.2.1 Aunt Abby needs 3 and a half pounds of butter. Determine the mass of butter, in kilogram. (2)

3.2.2 Aunt Abby only has a kitchen scale available

If aunt Abby needs 625 mt of flour, determine the mass of the flour in grams. (2)

3.2.3 The cake must be baked at 356 °F.

Determine to what degree Celsius the oven should be turned.

You may use the following formula:

oC = (oF – 32o) ÷ 1,8 (2)


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