Question 2

[Mr Enfield and Mr Utterson are having a conversation.]

2.1.1 Describe the differences between the houses of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (TWO differences for EACH character’s house). (4)

2.1.2 Mr Enfield is upset about the actions of the ‘man’ (line 1). What has the man done? (1)

2.1.3 Refer to lines 2–6 (‘He is not … an extraordinary-looking man’).

(a) Identify Mr Enfield’s tone in these lines. (1)
(b) What does this tone suggest about Mr Enfield’s feelings? (1)

2.1.4 Refer to lines 10–11 (‘Mr Utterson again … inquired at last’).

(a) Identify the figure of speech in these lines. (1)
(b) Explain what the author means in these lines. (2)
(c) What do these lines reveal about Mr Utterson’s character? State TWO points. (2)

2.1.5 What does Mr Utterson mean by, ‘You see, Richard, … better correct it’ (lines 15–16)? (2)

2.1.6 This extract is taken from a chapter titled ‘Story of the Door’. Discuss the suitability of this title. (3)


[Dr Lanyon relates the incident with Dr Jekyll.]

2.2.1 Refer to line 1 (‘ “O God!” I screamed, and “O God!” again and again’).
Why does Dr Lanyon scream ‘again and again’? (2)

2.2.2 Explain the repetition of the words ‘saw’ and ‘heard’ in line 5 (‘I saw what I saw, I heard what I heard’). (2)

2.2.3 Explain why the following statement is FALSE:

Dr Lanyon commits suicide. (1)

2.2.4 Refer to lines 13–15 (‘The creature who … murderer of Carew’).
(a) Give TWO reasons for Dr Lanyon’s reference to Hyde as ‘the creature’. (2)
(b) What did Carew do for a living? (1)
(c) Why does Hyde murder Carew? (1)

2.2.5 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence. Write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (2.2.5) in the ANSWER BOOK.
The beneficiary nominated in Dr Jekyll’s will is …
A Mr Poole.
B Mr Hyde.
C Dr Lanyon.
D Mr Enfield. (1)

2.2.6 Consider the novel as a whole.

Describe TWO ways in which Mr Utterson shows his loyalty towards Dr Jekyll. (2)

2.2.7 One of the themes in the novel is scientific experimentation. Discuss this theme. (3)

2.2.8 With reference to the entire novel, do you think that Dr Jekyll preferred being himself or Mr Hyde? Discuss your view. (3)



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