Question 5

5.1 Read the passage (TEXT F) below, which has some deliberate errors, and answer the set questions.


5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in EACH of the following sentences. Write down ONLY the question numbers and the words you have corrected. 

(a) According to a report by The Climate Institute, rising temperatures could wipe wild coffee of the face of the planet sometime within the next sixty-four years. (1) 

(b) And, as with all things that are rare, the cost of your coffee are bound to go up. (1) 

(c) It could impact the 120 million people worldwide whose lifelihoods depend on coffee beans. (1) 

(d) Its dramatically serious. (1)

5.1.2 Give the singular form of the underlined word in the following  sentence: … as climate change sees a spread of plant-damaging fungi. (1)

5.1.3 Rewrite the following sentence in the passive voice: 

The climate change will alter the taste and aroma. (1) 

5.1.4 Complete the following tag question. Write down only the missing words. 

Even if you don’t like coffee, this research is utterly devastating, … …? (1)

5.1.5 Rewrite the following sentence in reported speech: 

‘We have a cloud hovering over our heads,’ said Mario Cerutti. (4)

5.1.6 Rewrite the following sentence in the negative form: 

Climate change can have a significant effect in the short term. (1)

5.1.7 Combine the following sentences into a single sentence: 

She has a cup of coffee. She has toasted bread. 

Begin with the following words: Not only … (2)

5.2 Study the text (TEXT G) below and answer the questions. 

5.2.1 Rewrite the following sentence in the simple future tense: 

Wayde van Niekerk won an award for the best male athlete in the association of National Olympic Committees Awards. (1) 

5.2.2 Study the following sentence: 

He smashed Johnson’s 400 m world record. 

State the part of speech of EACH of the underlined words. (2)

5.2.3 Give the correct degree of comparison in the following sentence: 

Wayde van Niekerk’s finishing time at the recent Olympic Games was (good) than Johnson’s 400 m world record. (1) 

5.2.4 Give the correct form of the word in brackets:

Wayde van Niekerk defeated many athletes in this (compete). (1)

5.2.5 Study the following sentence: 

All athletes came well prepared for the race. Use a homonym for the word race in a sentence of your own. (1)



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