Question 2


2.1 Define the term covalent bond.

2.2 Draw Lewis structures for:

2.2.1 CH3Cℓ (2)

2.2.2 CO2 (2)

2.3 How many lone-pair electrons are on the central atom in the CO2 molecule? (1)

2.4 Identify ONE of the substances in Reaction 2 that can form a dative covalent
bond when reacting with an acid. (1)

2.5 Write down the shape of the:

2.5.1 H2O molecule (1)

2.5.2 CO2 molecule (1)

2.6 Although the molecules of CH4 and CH3Cℓ have the same shape, CH4 is
non-polar, while CH3Cℓ is polar. Give a reason for the difference in molecular



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