Question 2

Use the table above to answer the questions that follow.

2.1.1 Write down the cost for the executive room. (2)

2.1.2 Express the cost for the executive room as a percentage of the cost of a
room where 8 sleep. Give your answer to ONE decimal point. (4)

2.1.3 Calculate the total amount to be paid per day for accommodation if the
learners use the rooms as follows:
1 room where 8 sleep
2 rooms where 4 sleep
3 rooms where 6 sleep (4)

2.1.4 Hence, calculate the total cost including Value Added Tax (VAT of
14%) of accommodation if the learners will stay for four days and
return on the fifth day. (5)

2.2.1 Calculate the amount that must be paid as deposit. (3)

2.2.2 Calculate the balance amount to be paid on the day of arrival. (2)

2.2.3 Write in words the balance amount to be paid on the arrival day. (2)

2.2.4 Convert the $ 20 to rands.
Given $ 1 = R14,2058. (3)

2.3 Study the parking tariffs below and answer the questions that follow.

Quzini High School’s bus is expected to park at Mall A’s parking area during
the week. The parking is for 2,6 hours daily, from the 2nd to the 5th day of the
tour while the learners enjoy a breakfast. Calculate the total amount of money
to be paid for parking. (2)


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