Question 9

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9.1 A generator is shown below. Assume that the coil is in a vertical position.

9.1.1 Is the generator above AC or DC? Give a reason for the answer. (2)

9.1.2 Sketch an induced emf versus time graph for ONE complete rotation of the coil. (The coil starts turning from the vertical position.) (2)

9.2 An AC generator is operating at a maximum emf of 340 V. It is connected across a toaster and a kettle, as shown in the diagram below.

The toaster is rated at 800 W, while the kettle is rated at 2 000 W. Both are working under optimal conditions.
Calculate the:

9.2.1 rms current passing through the toaster (3)
9.2.2 Total rms current delivered by the generator (4)


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