Question 9

9.1 Oxidation numbers make it easier to determine whether an element or a  substance is oxidised or reduced during a chemical reaction. 

9.1.1 Define the term oxidation with reference to oxidation numbers. (2)

9.1.3 Calculate the oxidation number of oxygen in H2O2. (1) 

9.2 Consider the UNBALANCED equation below:  

Fe2+(aq) + Cā„“2(g) ā†’ Fe3+(aq) + Cā„“ 

9.2.1 Define the term reducing agent with reference to electron transfer. (2)

From the above equation, write down the: 

9.2.2 FORMULA of the reducing agent (1)

9.2.3 FORMULA of the oxidising agent (1)

9.2.4 Reduction half-reaction (2)

9.2.5 Oxidation half-reaction (2) 

9.2.6 Balanced net redox reaction (2)


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