Question 9

A compass is used to determine the poles of a magnet. The compass is placed in different positions around the magnet, as shown below. The dark arrow indicates the north pole of the compass.

9.1 Explain the term ferromagnetic materials. (2)

9.2 Is X a NORTH pole or a SOUTH pole? (1)

9.3 At which position, 1 or 2, will the compass experience the strongest magnetic force? Give a reason for the answer. (2)

9.4 What is the direction of a magnetic field? Choose from NORTH TO SOUTH or from SOUTH TO NORTH. (1)

9.5 Give ONE term for each of the following descriptions:

9.5.1 The point in the Northern Hemisphere where the rotation axis of the Earth meets the surface (1)

9.5.2 The point where the magnetic field lines of the Earth enters the Earth (1)

9.6 State ONE advantage of the Earth’s magnetosphere for life on Earth. (1)


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