Question 6

Study the diagram below showing structures of two different substances (A and B) and
answer the questions that follow.

6.1 Choose the substance (A or B) that describes the following:

6.1.1 Metallic structure (1)

6.1.2 Structure of magnesium chloride (1)

6.2 Explain how the type of bond in substance A forms. (2)

6.3 Name the type of bond that exists in substance B. (1)

6.4 Magnesium and chlorine react to form compound magnesium chloride.

6.4.1 Define the term compound. (2)

6.4.2 Write down the NAME of the group to which magnesium belongs. (1)

6.4.3 Write down the valency of a chlorine atom. (1)

chloride. (3)


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