Question 5

A skateboarder, starting from the top of a ramp 4,5 m above the ground, skates down
the ramp, as shown in the diagram below. The mass of the skateboarder and his board
is 65 kg. Ignore the effects of friction.

5.1 Define the term gravitational potential energy in words. (2)

5.2 Calculate the gravitational potential energy of the skater just before he skates
down the ramp. (3)

5.3 State the principle of conservation of mechanical energy in words. (2)

5.4 Use the principle stated in QUESTION 5.3 to calculate the magnitude of the
velocity of the skateboarder when he reaches the ground at point X. (4)

5.5 Will the skateboarder be able to reach point Y if he were to remain on his skateboard? Write YES or NO and support the answer with a relevant calculation.


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