Question 5

The diagram below, not drawn to scale, shows a vehicle with a mass of 1 500 kg
starting from rest at point A at the bottom of a rough incline. Point B is 200 m vertically
above the horizontal.

The total work done by force F that moves the vehicle from point A to point B in 90 s
is 4,80 x 106J.

5.1 Define the term non-conservative force. (2)

5.2 Is force F a conservative force? Choose from: YES or NO. (1)

5.3 Calculate the average power generated by force F. (3)
The speed of the vehicle when it reaches point B is 25 m∙s-1.

5.4 State the work-energy theorem in words. (2)

5.5 Use energy principles to calculate the total work done on the vehicle by the
frictional forces. (5)


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