Question 5

5.1 Read the passage (TEXT F) below, which has some deliberate errors, and
answer the set questions.

5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in EACH of the following sentences. Write
down ONLY the question numbers and the words you have

(a) Every January, you promise yourself that you will get healthyer
and fitter.(1)

(b) Its time you put your health back at the top of your priority list.(1)

(c) Packing yourself an healthy lunchbox is probably the last thing
on your mind.(1)

(d) However, buying lunch every day is not only costly, but is also
often inhealthy.(1)

5.1.2 Rewrite the following sentence in the simple past tense:
A month later, you find yourself back at the fast-food drive-through. (1)

5.1.3 Complete the following tag question. Write down only the missing
The morning school and work rush is always chaotic, …? (1)

5.1.4 Rewrite the following sentence in the passive voice:
Foods with high amounts of sugar can cause diabetes. (1)

5.1.5 Replace the underlined word in the following sentence with a
suitable synonym.
‘Ultimately, preparation is key,’ says dietician and nutritional
consultant Lila Bruk. (1)

5.1.6 Rewrite the following sentence in the negative form:
Lila eats fast-food meals. (1)

5.1.7 Rewrite the following sentence in reported speech:
Greig Jansen said, ‘Bad lunch choices can affect my health.’ (3)

5.1.8 Study the following sentence:
Plan your meals for the week so that you have all the ingredients
you need to prepare healthy food.
State the part of speech of EACH of the underlined words as used
in this sentence. (2)

5.2 Study the text (TEXT G) below and answer the questions.

5.2.1 Give the correct form of the underlined word in the sentence below.
Recycled material is used in the product of cartons. (1)

5.2.2 Combine the following sentences into a single sentence:
Deforestation is the act of cutting trees without replacing them.
Deforestation harms the environment. (2)

5.2.3 Provide the correct degree of comparison in the following sentence:
Sustainable forestry is (good) than deforestation. (1)

5.2.4 Write ‘840’ in words. (1)

5.2.5 Give the singular form of the underlined word in the following
Teach your children to take care of trees. (1)


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