Question 4

4.1 Refer to FRAMES 1–3.
4.1.1 Why does the cartoonist use ellipsis in each frame? (1)
4.1.2 Explain the difference in Hagar and Helga’s body language in
FRAME 3. (2)

4.2 How does the cartoonist convey that Helga is shouting in FRAME 5?
State TWO points. (2)

4.3 Refer to FRAME 6.
4.3.1 Explain how Hagar’s words, ‘I’m patient’, convey humour in this
cartoon. (2)
4.3.2 Use the word ‘patient’ as a noun in a sentence of your own. (1)

4.4 Do you think that Helga’s reaction towards Hagar, in this cartoon, is
acceptable? Substantiate your answer. (2)

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